My Interview with Bassist Jack Casady

Capital Public Radio, September 2015: It was the kind of phone call that can give an interviewer whiplash. History had reversed itself. I was in California, just a stone’s throw from the city where Jack Casady made a name for himself decades ago as a member of the Jefferson Airplane. He was in a hotel inContinue reading “My Interview with Bassist Jack Casady”

My Interview with Food Guru Georgeanne Brennan

Capital Public Radio, November 2016: When Georgeanne Brennan moved to Provence in the early ’70s, she and her young family wanted to escape the chaotic pace of American life. They became immersed in French culture, and Georgeanne discovered a rich culinary history. Her new book, My Culinary Journey, recounts their adventure in the context of recipesContinue reading “My Interview with Food Guru Georgeanne Brennan”