“Something bigger …

… than you is speaking. It may be your connection to the Universal Grid, or it may be your own highest internal knowledge. There is something in your core that knows and understands more than you consciously recognize.”  – Donna Apidone, TransForMission, (available on Amazon)

“See yourself as …

… others see you. Ask three trusted friends to tell what they most admire about you. You’re not just asking for a compliment; you’re getting a better sense of what is in your core. That’s what others see in you.”  – Donna Apidone, TransForMission (available on Amazon)

Path Surprises

“The Path is not without its surprises. Every now and then, you will find that a step has rotted out, and you do not have solid footing on which you can place your full weight. You will decide whether to step gingerly on the edge of that next step or skip it and make theContinue reading “Path Surprises”


“Willingness is a commitment of the highest order. The word willing has confused some people. They say, ‘I’m willing, but I just can’t seem to do it.’ If that’s the case, they are not truly willing. They may want it, and they may think it’s a good idea. When we are willing to do aContinue reading “Willing”

Look At It This Way

“In quantum physics, there is a debate over whether an observer changes a situation just by looking at it. By observing your emotions and by understanding yourself, you can move beyond where you are. Discover yourself. Find clarity. This is a time to explore and get to know yourself in a new and deeper way.Continue reading “Look At It This Way”